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Delia is an International Startup Mindset Mentor that creating a platform where successful people from all industries can share the challenges of their Everyday Experiences in pursuit of greater success. She believes strongly in the value of community where a group of peers facilitate growth and encouragement by sharing what is working and what isn't working. It does not matter how you define success, all that matters is your willingness to learn and Elevate your Everyday Experiences​.

She is a creative non-fiction writer and copywriter from Philadelphia with knowledge from industries such as healthcare, venue management and real estate. As an Impact Theory University Student Ambassador, her passion circles helping others with mindset that creates successful narratives. Delia's positively contagious energy and openness to connect is inspiring a revolution that happens Between the Highlights.



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There are few books that I would say are worth re-reading. Whether you are starting a business or in season 5, Seth Godin's book, This Is Marketing, is a must. Three of my favorite takeaways among many from this classic are as follows:


  1. SEO ranking is about generic terms and keyword searched. Create a product or service worth finding on Google because people are searching for you specifically.

  2. Your pricing tells a story and is a signal of what you and your product or service stand for.

  3. Create ideas that spread and help others solve problems. Make it a goal to build something that others would miss if it were gone.

"The goal isn't to maximize your social media numbers. The goal is to be known to the smallest viable number."

-Seth Godin, This Is Markerting


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