Between the highlights is here to bring you value that you can only get from peer-to-peer support. We're not here to just gaze upon someone's success or look at their highlight reels. We're rolling back the sleeves and looking into what gets messy, what's real and how these amazing people are still moving toward their next career highlights. This is where vulnerability meets practical takeaways and lessons that will help you Elevate your Everyday Experiences.
Diane Luzny is the founder of Innovaid which has been established since 2002. In this episode Diane uncovers the need to always be transitioning and adaptable to succeed, think bigger and maximize your potential for impact in the community your serve. We get vulnerable and discuss the challenge of recognizing yourself as the expert and having the confidence that drives behavior.
In this episode we are diving deep into what it looks like to  build a platform focused solving problems with a unique and strategic approach to learning. Rae Warren is the founder of Co3xistant and Ralene's World. She has embraced the identity and essence of what it means to be the learner. From social anxiety to social influencer, and an unstoppable powerhouse, Rae is creating opportunities and providing support to people with neurological and psychological challenges. She has positioned herself as an advocate with a big heart, busting myths and bringing a voice to the neurodiverse community. Her insight and experiences reveal what overcoming paralyzing anxiety and tackling challenges in order to move forward looks like.
Justin Furness, Founder of LifePrint Systems, Behavior & Integrative Healthcare Expert, and High Performance Facilitator and Trainer explains how in an ever changing environment the human behavior response is adapt or die. Learn how to break away from playing small and evaluate your environment to succeed and how you can grow professionally and personally from better understanding your human operating system.
In today's episode Nathan Jenkins, co-founder of Modular Management, LTD shares his insights on how his company has not just survived mandatory lockdowns but has come out the other side thriving into the highest sales months on record for their company.  You are invited to listen to how vulnerable it gets being an entrepreneur with no certainties.
In today's episode, Joey is dropping tips that will help you rethink how you are branding your business and how your website and messaging may be costing you potential clients. Joey Bigelli is a Certified Storybrand Guide with a host of experiences ranging from being an engineering technician to hosting and creating multiple successful podcasts catering to musical artists that is dedicated to evolving and reinventing himself and his business ventures.
Heather Parillo, CEO and Founder of IFLY Integrative Leadership takes you through the what leadership can look like when you increase your capacity to serve others. As an Unbeatable Mind Coach, she is unapologetic when it comes to going to work on yourself and transforming from within first.
Ono Northey, author of the 3-book series, The Shard Chronicles, discusses his journey as an author. He opens up and shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and sensei operating a dojo, Shinka, at a young age as well. His journey has been filled with impactful lessons that continue to shape his identity, work ethics, and habits today. Ono's interview highlights a journey that has embraced failures, and beautifully reflects how an identity aligned with your truest self contributes to what you are moving towards.
Sam shares some of the lessons he's got from experience with pivoting careers and starting his own coaching business. There are many nuggets of wisdom you can find in our conversation, but let's dig into the always challenging entrepreneurial life and how asking the right questions can guide you toward significant change in your professional and personal life.
Ambra Sultzbaugh is the brilliant Community Coordinator with Impact Theory University who has lived an incredibly rich life, "all the highs and all the lows."  In this episode we explore Ambra's rule-breaking nature and how she believes the most important thing for you to know is that uncertainty is not the enemy.
Deb Blecha is the owner-operator of Graphically Deb, and a second time entrepreneur that gracefully found her true passion along the journey through failures and lessons worth growing her interest further. As she shares the lessons she's learned here, you can really here the joy and excitement she has experienced and the beauty of the adventure she embraces as she accepts the challenge of operating your own business to make a difference.
Today's episode with Mark Smith the 7-2 Mindset Investor Podcast Host, gets raw and vulnerable with truth bombs that can be hard to say, but are so meaningful to share. Mark Smith is also a Real Estate Investor and motivational speaker dedicated to becoming the Mindset Investor. His personal journey is inspiring and his mission is to impact millions of people. He is hosting the 7-2 Mindset Investor Podcast on YouTube and is live on Instagram every Tuesday at 7:20 PM EST. 
Zak started his career studying Kinesiology at University of Maryland and earned his MBA at the height of very challenging times for us all. He's a fitness junky at heart and an amazing Olympic lifter with a focus on mindset and personal development that shows through a big heart.  In this episode we talk about some of the challenging situations and perspective shifts he experienced through the Covid Surprise of 2020, pivoting careers and facing imposter syndrome head on.