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I doubt any of us would dispute that 2020 has been more than just an interesting year to put it mildly. With businesses ordered to be shut down by governments everywhere, many small businesses across the world have caved under the financial stress and closed permanently. Being home on lock down for what felt like forever, has brought out new and interesting sides of people. While some took up drinking as early as 10:30 AM (so I've heard from a friend of a friend), others found unique ways to entertain themselves, and even more people found themselves walking outdoors having a love affair with nature.

Then you find a group of linchpins that work hard, work smart and work long hours (Impact Theory Belief #22) because under the fire of a global pandemic those that are antifragile don't break, they get stronger, wiser, and better than before. Allow me to introduce you to Joey Bigelli, linchpin, podcast host of Deeper Dimensions and Certified Storybrand Guide. We recently had a conversation in which he shares his experience responding to pandemic induced industry shifts, his thoughts behind re-centering your business and actually teaming up with others in your industry to progress forward.

Refocus and Re-center

It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur or professional, taking a step back to reassess the current situation, refocus your attention and re-center (or re-align) the direction you are heading towards with your intended destination, it a must.

Recognizing that there was a swing happening that was going to heavily impact the music industry, Joey saw the opportunity and need to pivot where he was focusing his attention.

Refocusing your attention means having the space and clarity to see how you can still achieve your desired outcome. This may include further skill acquisition or enlisting more resources.

Joey's interests to spotlight artist and build community was challenged immediately by the lockdowns that ensued from the coronavirus pandemic. Upon assessing the situation for him it was clear that everything was moving online, and so the problem he set out to solve was how he could best serve artists and improve the online experience. The solution meant recognizing there was a lack of skills and as such skill acquisition was mandatory. The passion is the same, but Joey has re-centered in order to address the needs of improving the online experience for users and increasing the reach of artists.

Bigelli Tip - Embrace being the learner in your journey. Allowing yourself to fail, improve and grow removes a lot of unnecessary pressure. Being the learner and knowing that you are developing your skills will help keep the ego in check also.

Responding to the pandemic or any other obstacles

Investing in yourself is not new advice, and yet until the world came to a screeching halt many of us have made more excuses than Count von Count from Sesame Street could keep up with. Investments in your health, your mental and emotional well being as well as your career or business or all investments to consider. How you respond during times of crisis or everyday challenges matters.

"It's really the investment. The toughest part I think about about any investment is just seeing the other side of it" -Joey Bigelli

In a previous blog I wrote, Living Problem Free, I make the suggestion of reframing unpleasant situations you would otherwise label a problem as inconveniences, obstacles, and roadblocks. Problems bring up negative emotions and can feel paralyzing to many of us, causing stress and anxiety. Obstacles, inconveniences and roadblocks register more as a challenges to overcome. Like a pandemic, yes it can be fearful facing uncertainty, but the response in the face of uncertainty, and in the wake of obstacles you had not planned for, there is opportunity.

As the music industry has shifted, so has Joey. His pivot led to becoming the storybrand guide, learning mastery of marketing and personal development skills that now position him to not only find more creative ways to help artists stand out, but also help business owners with clarifying the messaging and branding that allow them to stand out and convert clients.

Team up with other entrepreneurs

Partnering with another business in the same industry seems counterintuitive, yet it can be the push you need to grow your business. Joey believes heavily in the power of collaboration whether that means working with another business in the same industry, from a similar industry or people that are like minded. He mentioned an episode of Undercover Billionaire where two breweries that would otherwise only be competition to each other team up. I had to check out this episode and highly recommend you do the same, it does not disappoint. Click here to view the episode. Glenn Stearns is the founder of Stearns Lending with a net worth around $500M who also subscribes to the same strategy of teaming up.

"Turn rivals into revenue …always eliminate potential conflicts by striking deals that are mutually beneficial" -Glenn Stearns

As Joey reminds us, "band together, work together, then out hustle, out work them." With the volume of businesses in every industry being offered these days, especially with everything moving online, it is easy to fall into a scarcity mindset trap. There are already thousands of coaches offering their services online, why would I team up with another coach, we're practically after the same people with very similar services. However, there is an abundance of people in the world, right? Also, there is and will only ever be one you who can uniquely offer and do what you do in the style that is totally yours. Have the confidence to know you can work with others and gain.

"I am focusing on surrounding myself with the right people... Be open to share with others" -Joey Bigelli

More Bigelli Tips to take your business and branding to the next level...

Tip #1 - Increase potential client interaction and retention by adding more Call to Actions (CTAs) on your business webpage. Joey suggests CTA placements somewhere in the upper corner, in the header and in one or two more locations

Tip #2 - Having a website or landing page is not enough to grow your business. Focus on your messaging, build a story that allows you to build trust with your potential clients.

Tip #3 - Don't allow yourself to get bogged down with the details of your business. You potentially start to lose the bigger vision. Outsource and delegate parts of your business that are reasonable to give you space to see the bigger picture and steer the course.

Joey Bigelli, Certified Storybrand Guide
Joey Bigelli, Founder at Brand Evolution and Marketing

Joey Bigelli is a Certified Storybrand Guide with a host of experiences ranging from being an engineering technician to hosting and creating multiple successful podcasts catering to musical artists that is dedicated to evolving and reinventing himself and his business ventures.

As the founder of Brand Evolution he is helping business owners clarify their brand script and messaging. He also leading the way through his own experiences showing entrepreneurs how to pivot their business while facing the challenges and impact the global pandemic of 2020 is having.

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