Speak to Your Future

When you can heal your past wounds, envision your future, decide on the feeling you are after, and you are able to live into that reality, success is on the horizon.

You are about to experience a conversation taking place between my former self, we will call her Agara, and my future self, Ziana. As you read through this story I invite you to ponder and capture what your own conversation would be. On our path to success it is essential that we reconcile and heal from the former thoughts, behaviors and patterns we once clung to recklessly. Creating your future by vividly envisioning your future can be the most magical and transformative gift you give yourself.

"the best way to predict your future is to create it, not from the known but from the unknown" - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Ziana has the gift of hind-sight. 20/20 vision of all the years that led to this moment. She is all too familiar with the outcomes, the failures, the pain and bruises that became part of the story she knows too well. She wasn't here to create panic or dire warnings of what must be done and when. She was here because she knew Agara was heavily doubting herself. She felt her energy rise and she felt her energy fall. Ziana knew Agara's pitfalls and she also knew the many blessings to come.

Agara was sitting under her favorite tree when Ziana came and sat beside her. She could not recognize who Ziana was, but she understood that somehow Ziana knew her. They sat in silence for a moment before Ziana began to tell Agara of the unknown, that they were connected.

Filled with love and compassion, Ziana explained to Agara that everything she had been through from the time she was born was happening for her benefit. The pain, heartaches, failures, disappointments and regrets all existed uniquely for her so that they will serve a purpose. As she spoke these words Agara's eyes filled with tears as her mind raced through her failed marriage, her children growing up in a single parent home, the disappointment of never finishing school, all the dreams that had festered and faded away. Ziana held her hand and smiled, and without a word spoken the message was received, you are so much stronger and worthy than you know because you get back up every single time.

Ziana went on to tell Agara of her adventures traveling the world, scuba diving and even parasailing. She told about the amazing events she had been to and the people she met along the way. She described how emotional she felt landing on another continent for the first time. Ziana told Agara of a young man and beautiful young lady that were so open-minded and inspiring because their mother had taught them to be fearless and create the future they want to see. It seemed like she went on for hours telling her about how successful her career as a writer had been and the many paths she never expected to find that changed her life and how she viewed the world around her.

Agara sat there wide-eyed, amazed, and overwhelmed by everything she was hearing. She couldn't imagine how they were even connected. They were so drastically different. As if Ziana could read her thoughts, she told Agara, "we are not the same."

A well of emotion sprung in Agara and she was confessing how afraid she was of change and that possibly she was even scared of success and she couldn't understand why. She unloaded her doubts of not being good enough and listed all her inadequacies. Ziana listened without judgement as Agara poured her heart out about feeling broken and unhappy with where she was in life.

The two sat in total silence. The kind of silence that is healing and nurturing after you go on a rant and feel foolish. Agara looked over at Ziana, she was beautiful. Not because of what she could see on the outside, but because her spirit was calm and her heart was filled with a joy and peace that was comforting.

Agara took a deep calming breathe and knew she would need to stay focused on becoming Ziana. She was going to have to do the hard things everyday and get comfortable with not knowing and being uncomfortable. The two locked eyes, and Agara saw she was staring into her own eyes. Ziana leaned in without breaking her gaze and said, "I was you, and you will be me sooner than you know. You have no idea what you are capable of, but I do."